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 Domestic Assault & Violent Crimes
Domestic assault cases are serious cases. A conviction affects, gun rights, employability and the ability to obtain housing.  Also, it is critical to understand that domestic assault convictions are enhanceable meaning subsequent convictions can result in more serious charges including gross misdemeanor and felony charges that will result in severe sanctions including long periods of incarceration and prison commitment.

Many clients are charged with non-domestic violent crimes. Kenyon Law Firm has represented many people charged with felony assault cases stemming from altercations in restaurants, bars, concerts and other venues.  In many cases, clients were charged simply because they prevailed in the fight and caused physical injury to the alleged victim.  Kenyon Law Firm has successfully used a self-defense defense in the majority of these cases because most of the time, alleged victim has started the altercation.

Kenyon Law Firm, has successfully represented many men and women charged with misdemeanor and felony level assault and other crimes of violence. The reason for the firm's high success rate stems from the painstaking investigation the firm conducts for its clients before going to trial. Investigation includes interviewing witnesses including the alleged victim, conducting background checks of all potential witnesses, obtaining all police reports, statements, audio and video tapes and photographs. Many times a thorough investigation will force the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges when the truth of the incident is finally revealed.
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