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 Drug Crimes
Kenyon Law Firm has represented men and women charged with drug crimes ranging from possession of controlled substances like marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy, to the sale and distribution of controlled substances. An experienced criminal lawyer understands the Constitutional issues associated with an illegal search of his client's home vehicle or property and will challenge the search in court to suppress illegally obtained evidence. Kenyon Law Firm will also challenge any illegally obtained statements taken by law enforcement. Through tenacious advocacy Kenyon Law Firm has helped to ensure that many clients never go to jail, or avoid having a criminal record related to these crimes.  In other cases, Kenyon Law Firm has minimized incarceration time, helped clients to seek chemical dependency treatment, and convinced prosecutors to lower the charges so that the client's lives are only minimally disrupted by the offense.
Aggressively protecting the rights of Minnesotans for over 20 years.
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