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 Theft Crimes
The charges stemming from theft crimes include misdemeanor shoplifting crimes, to felony level offenses of forgery, mail fraud, check kiting, bank fraud, identity theft and high value property theft. Kenyon Law firm represents people charged with these crimes in both State and Federal Court. Kenyon law firm has successfully defended these cases and obtained results ranging from dismissal of the charges to reduction in the severity of the offense. Regardless of the level of a theft related charge, it is critical to have an experienced attorney representing you as the ramifications of a conviction are serious. Theft convictions can result in denial of employment, housing, and can have a severe impact to a person's reputation. For those reasons, hiring a firm with experience handling these cases is very important. Kenyon Law Firm will thoroughly investigate your case by obtaining all police reports, witness statements, audio and video tapes including video surveillance and will also aggressively protect your Constitutional rights by challenging the unlawful interrogation and questioning by law enforcement.
Aggressively protecting the rights of Minnesotans for over 20 years.
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